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Direct Mail / Online / Copywriting / Legacy & Grant Fundraising

Putting Proven Marketing Principles To Work For Your Charity

Employing commercial-sector marketing techniques you may not know about to boost your Fundraising Income, Donor Acquisition and Return-On-Investment.

Key Services

Fundraising Audit

The logical starting point for income growth. A Fundraising Audit places the focus where it matters most – Effectiveness /Efficiency/Target Audience.

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Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct Mail responses rates are higher now than at anytime in over a decade – Data and Marketing Association, 2017. And with a tail off in commercial businesses using this medium – clearing space on doormats for charities – there has never been a better time to mail appeals to your prospects and donors.

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Online Donor Funnel

See what’s needed to build a simple, inexpensive online donor ‘funnel’ to attract then convert online audiences into fully-fledged donors, activists and ambassadors for your cause.

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Good copy wins new donors, bigger donations and loyal donors. Understanding your supporters’ ‘unspoken questions’ is the key. When answers aren’t provided, many donations are lost. The Dialogue Formula answers those questions and has been known to boost response by 5 to 10 times.

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Fundraising Coaching

Coaching is the most cost efficient way to bring new skills to your charity. Un-tap your staffs’ latent potential, and see your charity’s fundraising competency and revenue grow. Specialist fundraising skills include: Legacy & Trusts, Major Gifts, Copywriting, GDPR Compliance and Fundraising Strategy.

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Free Consultation

Chat informally about ways to develop new income streams, acquire more donors, or increase your net revenue (by improving you ROI). Normally £327, but FREE for first-time enquirers.

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