Fundraising Coaching

Coaching is the quick, affordable and effective way to master the most challenging fundraising and marketing problems

… The benefits to your charity:

  • Save Money:  New skills eliminate the need (and cost) of hiring in a specialist the next time the job needs doing
  • Faster Learning: specialist marketing know-how imparted on-the-job through “active learning” means staff attain skills quicker and more thoroughly than they would with formal “passive” study alone
  • Permanent in-house Skills Bank: Valuable fundraising knowledge is deposited with the charity, filters down to others, and stays there

It's a FACT: Active training is best

Educational studies show that the quickest and most effective way for a novice to pick up new skills and knowledge is through active learning, as depicted (below) in the Learning Pyramid.

Studies have found that Passive learning – like the sort done online or in the classroom – is a poor substitute for a practical “hands on” Active learning, which is how our coaching works. 

Pound-for-pound active “on the job” training costs a fraction of the price of a day seminar, or the outlay in fees needed to gain time-consuming professional qualifications, which aren’t tailored to your charity’s individual fundraising requirements .

How it works

  • A “skills and knowledge” assessment is carried out to establish what level of learning is required in order to deliver your main fundraising objectives (goals).
  • In order to familiarise themselves with the essential marketing/fundraising techniques, Staff who receive coaching are required to devote time to study – approx 45 minutes per week (study materials are supplied free-of-charge).  This investment in Staff pays dividends for the charity (and individuals being coached) – not just in terms of improved fundraising performance – but in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provision, enabling key fundraising skills to be ‘cascaded’ down to other staff members.
  • We encourage staff to take responsibility for setting, executing and monitoring fundraising goals.  It’s this active, “learning-by-doing” aspect of the coaching that truly cements new knowledge and gives staff confidence to go it alone next time.

Staff are taught how to manage and control live fundraising projects for themselves – whilst benefiting from the watchful oversight of a coach to correct and guide as needed. The idea here is to develop an awareness of risks associated with fundraising which could negatively impact on your charity at a number of levels, for instance privacy legislation compliance (GDPR), and budget overspends.

Master the 4 keys of charity marketing

One-to-one coaching in:

Strategic Planning
PEST-SWOT Analysis / Donor Analysis / Benchmarking


Donor Development
Up-selling / Cross-selling / Segmentation


Advertising Essentials
Marketing Medium / Copywriting / Design


Fundraising Management
Action plans / Budgeting / Monitor & Control (KPIs)


Silver, Gold or Platinum Services

Silver Coach – Phone and Email Support

  • quick actionable tips and tactical guidance
  • your queries answered within 24-hours

If you’re generally satisfied that your fundraising strategies are the correct ones for you but are looking for a few tactical insights to boost a sluggish campaign, or want to get more out of a fundraising programme.  For instance:

Legacies / Major Gifts / Direct Mail / Social Media + Email Marketing / Trust Fundraising

Gold Coach – On and offsite training for individuals 

  • One-to-one (Individual) coaching + Offsite Advice (response within 24 hours)
  • Strategy
  • ROI enhancement
  • Supporter recruitment
  • Donor retention + development
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • or your OWN special area of need

If your most pressing concerns are strategic in nature – e.g. you need to acquire new supporters or retain existing ones for longer – then a Gold Coach session could be what’s needed.

Platinum coach –  Onsite Support

  • Email and Phone support – 12 hour response

High-level ‘strategic’ fundraising – the type which take income generation to the next level – requires a good deal of analysis, planning and persuasion to get off the ground.

Strategic Planning for example, enables you to identify new audiences to facilitate income growth.  While Inbound Marketing is a great way to cheaply acquire new donors.  And with Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) you can systematically deliver more response (and donations) from your existing campaigns.

Our Platinum coaching service is geared to

  • Getting top-level management and board buy-in
  • Eliminating risk from your fundraising, for instance by giving you a firm steer on data protection regulations

Platinum Coaching will provide you and your staff with the steady support and guidance that’s needed to get sign-off on the more involved “Strategic” fundraising programmes which are more tricky to master, but bear most fruit.

Silver Coaching – prices start from £170 per month / £2,040 per annum

Gold Coaching – prices start from £250 per month / £3,000 per annum

Platinum Coaching – prices from £350 per month / £4,200 per annum

[Minimum 12 months contract]

We operate a fair-pricing policy

Factors determining price include:


1 – Size of your charity

We take into account your revenue and budget when setting our fees – in many cases this means smaller charities will pay less for a comparable service.

2 – Anticipated Return-on-Investment

Where the projected increase in charity revenue resulting from coaching is substantial, this is reflected in the fee.

3 – Time and Expenses Incurred
If implementing the project requires additional time, travel or overnight accommodation, this is reflected in the fee.

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It is our policy never to sell, swap or in anyway trade your details to a third party for marketing purposes. All enquiries (including via this form) are treated in strict confidence.  Should you choose Bloom Fundraising as a fundraising partner, we shall take all practical steps to safeguard sensitive data, including fundraising strategies, tactics, performance data, and where applicable, the handling of your supporters’ data.  Our privacy policy complies with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice and Chartered Institute of Marketing guidelines.  bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Free Consultation

We offer A FREE 30-minute, no obligation phone consultation to help you what your options are.

I was paired with Gordon as part of the Institute of Fundraising Mentoring Scheme. Being able to come to him with new ideas, concerns and questions about an area of charity work that I was relatively new to at the time was incredibly useful, and he was always able to provide great input and feedback that I used to improve my performance in the role and get a promotion.

Josh Hillier
Community Events Manager, National Osteoporosis Society, Bath

Gordon manages to consistently out-perform bench marks for direct marketing response rate, average value and retention.
You don’t often see ROI in the range of 8:1 for marketing campaigns in our industry. That’s impressive.

Nick Thomas
Partner, Tangible UK

We ran a test of our copy against some Gordon had written. It was a treat to come up against such stiff competition
(Drayton Bird’s clients include: American Express, Hargreaves Lansdown plc [financial services], Readers Digest and Save the Children.)

Gerald Woodgate
Partner, Drayton Bird Associates