Online Donor Funnel

Your Website Optimised for Donor Acquisition with ‘Inbound Marketing’

STEP 1 – Deploy RACE® planning system

RACE (Reach – Act – Convert – Engage) is a commercial digital marketing system which is easily adapted to the charity sector.  RACE is low-cost content marketing system that’s proven to drive new donors to charity websites.

  • “Reach” – attract new supporters online
  • “Act” – prospects are encouraged to engage with your website
  • “Convert” – appropriate fundraising asks are tailored to your new prospects
  • “Engage” – Professional ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of content inspires confidence, drives repeat donations referrals to friends and family

RACE facilitates what’s called ‘Inbound Marketing’.

Inbound marketing turns traditional marketing (and fundraising) on its head.  Traditional advertising works by sending out (expensive) mass advertising messages to people who mostly aren’t interested in the offer.  Inbound marketing, as its name suggests, works by encouraging people who are interested in your cause to initiate the contact with you – hence ‘inbound’.  This is normally done when prospective supporters see your useful information or advice (content) online and visit your website to access it.  This opens up an opportunity for charities to ‘funnel’ new prospects to their online spaces and convince them they’re worthy of their support and donations.

Step 2 – Deliver FREE, helpful and relevant Content

Inbound marketing has a number of advantages:

  1. Extends your online audience ‘reach’ – Free “content” like  News / How to Guides / Tips and Advice is shared by your Social Media followers, significantly extending your reach to new audiences.
  2. GDPR compliant – In exchange for receiving free, valuable content, many prospects give express permission to be sent fundraising appeals, so you are fully compliant with the legal requirements surrounding consent.
  3. Low cost – Fundraising this way costs a lot LESS, so your scope for recruiting new donors is practically unending.

STEP 3 – Understand your supporters’ ‘journey’ – and make the road smooth for them

Most prospective supporters don’t know the full impact your charity is making.  They tend to “gauge” the worthiness of a charity by the “look” of its communications.

Simple Style Guides ensure that your staff and suppliers tasked with copywriting and designing your publications deliver consistent messages, creating a good first impression with stakeholders and prospective donors, alike.

Attractive, easy to navigate websites help engage prospects, increasing their awareness of your charity’s mission and vision.  Simple research can help you make prospect (and stakeholder) website user experience (UX), a positive one.

We show you how free research tools, like Survey Monkeycan help improve your prospects’ website experiences, bringing them a step closer to becoming donors.

Convert online interest into committed support

Each prospective supporter travels a specific “supporter journey” or decision path from being merely ‘interested’ in your cause in a general sense, to consciously choosing to support your charity.  We use a three-stage model devised by top management consultants McKinsey & Company, adapted for the charity sector, to help you capture the best supporters.

Stage 1 – Consider  prospective supporters consider if your organisation (among other charities) is working on the issue they care about.

Stage 2 – Evaluate – then they evaluate which charities are having an impact on the issue and is financially sound by reaching out to their peers (social media), doing online research, reading your website, and more.

Stage 3Moment of Action  – then, and only then, if they are convinced that you’re doing good work, they’ll take committed action.

The challenge is knowing what type of content is needed at each stage of the journey in order to successfully ‘progress’ each stakeholder group to its journey’s end.

We help you create the right type of content for each of the three stages, then deliver it at the right time by way of a social media communications road map.  

STEP 4 – Optimise Social Media Posts to Drive Prospects to Your Website

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube bring in more new charity prospects than any other platforms, so you must focus your efforts here.

Facebook is the number 1 social media platform for generating prospects

Discover how often you should post on Facebook

What day of the week gets most views

How long your posts should be


Twitter is best for engaging the 5-key stakeholder groups

Twitter’s short message format makes its an ideal conversational tool – easy to see and easy to respond to. 

Tweets that indicate Social Proof (your success), Gain or a Threat get most reach.



YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine (after Google)

Video is the format par excellence for raising awareness of pressing issues online

Prospective donors (and stakeholders) will go to YouTube to search for your cause – so it’s important your charity has a presence there


We share “industry-best” tactics for Social Media platforms, so you don’t miss out on this key fundraising tool.

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