Project Management

Project Management

Pressed for Time? Limited Staff Capacity? Other Priorities? Put Your Fundraising Worries Aside With Safe Pair of Hands.

Research/Analysis/Planning are what really count in Fundraising because they lay down the foundations on which charities build support and grow their income.

But without proper implementation, even the most promising fundraising campaigns and projects are set to fail.  So, once the planning’s done, Bloom Fundraising’s here to take the strain of implementation off your hands.

4 Steps to Effective Marketing

Bloom Fundraising runs through your marketing project for any quick fixes that can boost performance. Even relatively minor adjustments can radically improve marketing performance.

The key elements scrutinised for marketing effectiveness and efficiency are:

  • Audience
  • Marketing Media/Channels
  • Offer
  • Timing of your campaign
  • Copy
  • Design

Basic research and analysis of this type is suited to small-to-medium sized ‘tactical’ campaigns like direct mail shots, email campaigns and press or Google ads.

Tactics refer to comparatively simple actions, usually related to short-to-medium term strategies and projects.

Bloom Fundraising tactical support includes help with your:


  • Website re-vamp
  • New site design
  • UX mapping (makes your site easier to use/navigate)

Social Media 

  • PR drive
  • Fundraising promotion
  • Recruit supporters


  • Supporter list building
  • Services launch
  • Building your reputation

Direct Mail

  • High response
  • Generates high level of new leads
  • High value donations.


  • Cost efficient marketing
  • Reinforce promotional message
  • Boosts donations when integrated with other advertising


  • No 1 medium for marketing response
  • Lead generation
  • Raise more

Strategic projects help you attain your BIGGER – usually long-term – fundraising goals.

But strategic projects by their nature can be complex. Staff training, investing in new equipment or software, complying with statutory or industry code regulations, employing personnel with the right skill sets, or hiring in consultants for guidance.

We help your fundraising projects get off the ground by overcoming the typical stumbling blocks like:

Data compliance

  • Privacy regulations
  • Marketing consent
  • Risk management

Brand management

  • Build identity
  • Inspire trust
  • Look professional
  • Get noticed

Supporter research

  • Discover supporter’s real needs / wants
  • Test new products / services / marketing methods

Database analysis

  • Identify donors with propensity to give more
  • Cut advertising costs

Content marketing 

  • Recruit new supporters
  • Comply with new data protection regulations

Staff development

  • Coach your staff in marketing skills
  • Cut your consultancy costs

Fitting together each piece of a marketing project “jigsaw” is a complex operation.  For a project to be delivered on time and on budget, crystal clear communication and coordination between suppliers and internal departments is absolutely essential.

And should things go wrong – missed deadlines / mistakes in advertising copy / the wrong data sent to the mailing house – it can prove very costly.

Bloom Fundraising has experience at each key stage of the marketing process, including:

  • Research and planning
  • Audience audit & selection
  • Media and channel
  • Copy and design
  • Offer
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Monitoring and control

Bloom Fundraising takes the stress out of marketing, so you can devote more time and energy to the parts of your charity which will benefit most from your input.

How much does it cost?

Prices for Bloom Fundraising Project Management start at £390 per day.

Medium-term projects (those requiring more than 7 days, but fewer than 21 days) are charged a reduced rate of £325 per day.

Fees for long-term projects (more than 21 days) are £ negotiable.

What’s my best option?

To find out, reserve your FREE no obligation 30-minute phone consultation (Normally £327).

Call now on (01495) 763 013 during office hours /Mobile (07939) 242 335

OR…use the online enquiry form.

A 30-minute consultation is FREE.

No strings attached 

If, following the consultation you decide Bloom Fundraising services aren’t for you, let us know by email and that will be the end of the matter.  We promise not to bother you again with follow up sales calls, spam or junk mail.

Peace of mind

Work conducted by Bloom Fundraising is subject to regular assessment by the leading professional marketing body – the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – as part of the Institute’s Chartered Marketer scheme.

It is our policy never to sell, swap or in anyway trade your details to a third party for marketing purposes. All enquiries (including via this form) are treated in strict confidence.  Should you choose Bloom Fundraising as a fundraising partner, we shall take all practical steps to safeguard sensitive data, including fundraising strategies, tactics, performance data, and where applicable, the handling of your supporters’ data.  Our privacy policy complies with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice and Chartered Institute of Marketing guidelines.

Free Consultation

We offer A FREE 30-minute, no obligation phone consultation to help you what your options are.

I was paired with Gordon as part of the Institute of Fundraising Mentoring Scheme. Being able to come to him with new ideas, concerns and questions about an area of charity work that I was relatively new to at the time was incredibly useful, and he was always able to provide great input and feedback that I used to improve my performance in the role and get a promotion.

Josh Hillier
Community Events Manager, National Osteoporosis Society, Bath

Gordon manages to consistently out-perform bench marks for direct marketing response rate, average value and retention.
You don’t often see ROI in the range of 8:1 for marketing campaigns in our industry. That’s impressive.

Nick Thomas
Partner, Tangible UK

We ran a test of our copy against some Gordon had written. It was a treat to come up against such stiff competition
(Drayton Bird’s clients include: American Express, Hargreaves Lansdown plc [financial services], Readers Digest and Save the Children.)

Gerald Woodgate
Partner, Drayton Bird Associates